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Terry McGuire facilitates all Adelaide Ageless Yoga classes. Terry first started practising Yoga over forty years ago with Bette Calman and her teacher Michael Volin. He is a registered senior teacher with Yoga Australia, a certified teacher with the International Yoga Teachers' Association, Yoga Teachers Institute of SA and Swami Sarasvati's Australian Yoga Master's Association and also holds a Bachelor of Education degree.

Experience the rejuvenative benefits of Ageless Yoga  

Some of the physical manifestations of ageing shouldn't be regarded as inevitable. They can often be delayed and even reversed by increasing our knowledge of the body's needs and functioning and by practising the techniques taught in the Ageless Yoga classes.

Yoga is a natural system of physical and mental culture designed to increase your vitality levels and produce rejuvenation.

It is the most effective method ever designed for slowing and even reversing the ageing process and promoting a long, healthy life.

Yoga works on the whole system, the body and the mind. It focuses primarily on the body's rejuvenation centres: the brain, spine and glands. This means that you may also sleep better, which further promotes rejuvenation.

The Ageless Yoga classes are for adults of all ages, but especially for those who want to look and feel younger and maintain or recapture the vitality of youth.

Beginners welcome at all classes.

There are Ageless Yoga classes around the eastern suburbs of Adelaide in Toorak Gardens, Walkerville, and Athelstone

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