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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have done Yoga before? No. You will be welcomed into the class and should be able to easily join in with the rest of the students.

Will it hurt? Yoga is never supposed to hurt. You will never hurt yourself if you listen to your body and do not push beyond your limits.

What if I am not flexible? That's fine. Your level of flexibility will gradually improve and continue to increase over time.

I am pregnant. Can I still come to Ageless Yoga classes? Yoga and pregnancy go well together, but it would be better if you attended separate specialised pre-natal classes.

How often should I attend classes? Ideally, twice a week. If that is not possible, doing a little bit of something every day helps greatly, even if it is only breathing or simple stretches. You are welcome to come to any of the classes around Adelaide should you be unable to attend your regular class.

Can I eat before a Yoga class? When it comes to food and digestion everyone is different and needs to find out what works for them. As a general rule it is suggested that you leave 3 hours after a main meal and 1 hour after a light snack.

Do I have to bring a Yoga mat or anything else? A limited number of shared mats are available for students attending their first few classes. Please inform me if you need one. Students are encouraged to purchase or bring along their own mat. Having your own mat enables you to practice at home. It is also more hygienic to use your own mat.

Premium quality 6mm thick mats are available for purchase at each class from $49. You should also bring a light blanket, particularly during the cooler months. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you have any further questions please contact me at terry@agelessyoga.com.au.



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