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Yoga for Men

Many sports stars and teams, including the AFL and the Australian Cricket team now use yoga as an integral part of their training regime.

Why? If  you play sports or work in a job that involves repetitive movement or heavy lifting you're likely to develop muscle tightness and imbalances throughout your body. Ageless Yoga works to re-balance your entire body and return it to a younger and more vital condition.  Yoga also complements many other exercise disciplines and sports.

Until very recently yoga was practiced exclusively by men. But many men are concerned that they will not be welcome in a yoga class or that they are not flexible enough to try yoga. This is a basic misconception: yoga will improve your flexibility, but you do not need to be flexible to do it.

Since yoga has been practiced by men for so long, many of the poses actually make more sense for a man's body and some require a lot of upper body strength, which women often lack at first.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular with men who recognize how it can support them in very practical ways. Yes, yoga can help you get strong and flexible, but it can also help you to recover from (and avoid) sports injuries, reduce stress, relieve back and neck pain and improve your general sense of well being.

Unlike many workouts which may leave you tired Ageless Yoga actually restores your energy levels and increases your feeling of overall health and wellness.

Regular yoga practice can improve your athletic performance and decrease discomfort after other workouts. Yoga stretches out your muscles, which can relieve tension and muscle cramps.

Yoga helps you identify tension you hold in your body and in your mind and can help you release it. Many men have higher stress levels than women, which means that men may especially benefit from the stress-relieving effects of regular yoga practice.

Yoga can improve your mental focus, in part by clearing your mind during the workout. The same slow, meditative aspects of yoga that provide stress relief also discipline your mind, which can make it easier to focus on daily tasks.


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