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Michael Volin (Swami Karmananda)

Michael Volin was born and educated in China where his grandfather, a Russian Czarist general was stationed. He became deeply interested in Yoga philosophy and travelled extensively throughout China, India and Tibet and after studying with a series of masters became known as a Master himself.

In the late 1930s he joined the famous Yoga teacher Indra Devi in the first Yoga school in China, succeeding her as director after she went to the United States.

Later he established the first Yoga school in Sydney, and Yoga centres in other parts of Australia and New Zealand. He was initiated in India into the swamihood as Swami Karmananda, which means "one who is blessed through his work".

He went on to teach and lecture in the United States, Canada and Europe, pursuing his basis quest: a study of aging processes and methods for delaying and counteracting them. Michael Volin eventually settled in Adelaide where he continued to teach for a number of years.

Among his most popular books are Yoga over Forty, Yoga for Women, Yoga and Sex and Challenging the Years.  For more details about his life click here.

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